Heaven Flight

Outreach Programs

Heaven Flight’s Global Outreach Program will be a Ministry division that operates on the principles of paying it forward. The clients are not required to pay for anything. They will be gifted the services and if and when they are able to earn an income they will pay it forward to someone else through our Entrepreneurship and/or Outreach Programs. The objective of the Outreach Program is to help women who are already working in the streets as a entrepreneur and, those involved in prostitution, sex trafficking and/or who are homeless to achieve Entrepreneurship . The Outreach Programs of Heaven Flight desire to be a bridge for those who can't find or get long-term help. 

Why Outreach is needed

These women involved in prostitution willfully or against their will need more than just food and a place to stay. They need the constant stability of having money and income to get and KEEP them off the streets. Most of them desire to go back to school or to start their own businesses. Most of them want to come out of the lifestyle, but need help in planning their transition and/or escape. This is where we can help!

How Heaven Flight plans to help those in need

Heaven Flight will provide these women with the businesses they desire through our Outreach Programs. We will provide and use the business as leverage to get the women off the streets. We will provide the land, the building and the container for them. Without a proper container (building) to host their businesses most women give up on the hopes of real Entrepreneurship. Most understand the hard life of selling items with a basket on their head. They desire more. The way we see it is, if you just provide clothes to them or items for them to sell in the street with a basket on their head they find that life very hard. They have seen women in their communities work hard like this and still earn very little money to sustain themselves. Yet, some do it because they must and it’s a step up from what they are used to. BUT, the women involved into forced prostitution have no money even if they are on the streets working. 
These women desire the ability to feel good! The ability to own something of their own without having to pay for it upfront or every month. They desire to live integral and with the dignity that so many of them have lost. Can you imagine the pride they will feel from having and growing their own business? Can you imagine the sense of esteem they will feel from having to hire someone instead of being hired?   

The Outreach Services  Many services will be filtered through our Outreach Programs. The women we serve are desperate and need sound counseling,deliverance. Women who are a stone’s throw away from having nothing will be provided with something. Heaven Flight will continue to hit the streets and bring out those who want a way out of the streets.

Here’s a case study about client Regina: Because of the sensitivity of the nature of sex trafficking and the sex industries I will not post her face to protect the confidentiality. However, the interview can be viewed here using this secure link http://bit.ly/HeavenFlight

Other Outreach Services at Heaven Fight

Food Pantry – Heaven Flight There will be a food pantry that we will facilitate in Ghana because there is not one. Our plans are to get business owners with major food chains from the US to donate their food. I can pass out the food from my location once a month as I travel to Ghana. Other donors will have the opportunity to donate food and/or money. The food can be rice, palm oil, tomato sauce or paste, sardines, vegetables or salmon in a can. No fruits. These items are essential to meal preparation in Ghana.

Ministry Fellowship – Heaven Flight There will be a faith based ministry meeting held on Saturdays, a Fellowship Group for those who would like to worship with us.