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9/25/2012 -  Operation save a life foundation. The first national day of Rememberence of murder victims

                                                                Speech                                                       09/25/2012
I’m honored to be in the mist of great people here today. No matter our backgrounds we are people of unity.  I speak to you as we are Jews & Gentiles of God only.  It is not our race or a religion that has brought us together, It‘s that we all have loss someone to murder. The loss of your love one is the loss of one of my own, and your neighbors own and they where a son and daughter of God.  They are number as a victim but I’m here to tell you today that victim still has a name.
Your love one was a person who was somebody and that somebody was going to do great things, and if someone said they were not going to make it.  You tell them that God is the only judge.  They had dreams, visions and desires.  And for the young ones we loss to young to understand what they wanted to be; well mama & daddy you keep dreaming their dreams it’s your given right.  And know that God will restore to you healing and even a breakthrough of blessings can come from death.
Today we come in unity with a purpose to mend the broken hearted of those who are here today. Standing in place of their love ones we can’t honor the dead or worship the dead but we can remember what they meant to us. They were here for a short time on this earth, those of us who hearts are still broken, I want to let you know that God see’s all & he hears all who pray to him.
I want to let you know that he has not forgotten you, as I look at all the beautiful people today that God created, I will not forget you or the loss of your love ones I will embrace you with love.  Your loved one did not deserve to die nor did you deserve to experience pain.  I do know what pain is and pain has no name it is just that. 
The pain and the why and of what has changed your life.  Some of us here today we have answers and for some who have not gotten answers on the Why?  If I can do anything today to help you move forward it would be that you are here today to make a difference so the laws can change. We need you and the pain that was is the pain that will be no more.  Each and every person that was killed we rise up to see that who did not come forward because of being intimidated and threaten and harassed is no longer a why but it becomes an answer.  I say to all do not stop here work with us because you can make a difference.                                                                                                                                                        
I lost an aunt to murder Sandra Fay Parr my mother’s sister in Oct of 1992, in Jamaica Queens, murder was solved.
My only brother murder on Dec, 27, 2008- Vincent Calvin Lee Dash Dotson ( Aka ) Mc Dot A Roc of south side Jamaica Queens of Vinney Barber shop on Dewey Ave in Rochester came here for a better life to change and to live in peace.  He was the only son of Barbara Dash and he was a father who had three girls, a son and a wife.  He gave back to the community as an advocate for Cuts the Violence program which he co-founded here in Rochester.
Was he prefect? No But; he had dreams and his mother bought the barber shop to keep him safe from the streets.  He gave free haircuts and gave free bikes & he rap while cutting hair and was willing to help anyone in need. President Bush sent Vinney a letter to invite him to the white house for dinner and as a business man who turns his life around.  His murder was solved.
We are here not for history but to stand in the gap of the one who can no longer speak and through love and praying that even the unsolved cases will be herd. We are here to support this foundation for the programs that they are in need of.  Each one of us today will fight the good fight to make sure another person can benefit and what we were part of today. We came together so if we need a shoulder to cry on or need someone to hug us, or just for someone to say I love you or even hey girlfriend you look good today or hey Sir you are handsome .  Let us embrace each other with a smile.  
  Each and every one of us after today our victims will be remember for the powerful name they were born with not the name of just victim. Today we will walk with forgiveness and love for those who have taken our love ones.  I say forgive as Christ has forgiven us and pray that they will come to know God.  Forgive so that your healing will take you out of the chains into your destiny. Forgive your enemy so that you can be a blessing to someone else. Forgive so that you can become active again and with a positive mind deposit good words into everyone. Forgive for the pain of un-forgiveness can no longer take root in you, but the root is now cut off and can start to grow to bear good fruit. Forgive so that you will have an enrich life, for the blessings of the lord make it rich and had no sorrow.
 Today you have someone standing next to you reach out and give each other a hug!