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Individual /Spiritual
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*Individual starts $25.00 for 1 hr
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7 mountain's of influence
Xerveo wealth building
Domestic Abuse
Entrepreneurs/gifts & talents
Spirtual Wisdom
Common sense
self Esteem
Youth Clebacy
No abortion

After you have submmited the form and you choose to book you can click on the appt tab on the site.  The mentorship is not used to pay for the gift of prophecy. Prophecy is not what makes me a prophet, it is the mantle's that God ordain over my life to which I flow in the spirit of truth and divine order. I operate under the prophectic, with having a gift of discernment the spiritual wisdom that God as given me comes with honor and intergerity, and  a deep love walk I must walk in.  One does not need to pay for Prophecy or his word which is free. If mentorship is not what you need, please fill free to contact me if you are in need of out pouring of his word over your life, prayer, interceed.