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 Melissa Dotson CEO/founder/designer of Women of Color Fine Jewelry INC



Melissa Dotson was born Melissa Dash as a child, who birth name was change as a little girl.  She has a strong blood line tied to the name of Dash in the music industry from a cousin Damon Dash of movies to music, and to Michael Dash - in Rochester is her uncle a gospel musician.

She grew up with music in her family, but with a gift of many talent's she stayed true to who she was- an inspiring women full of love and compassion. She is a women of great faith, and as a voice she speaks life into everything. Believes that all things are possible through him. Those who have came in contact with her and follow her know her to be a women of her word. She is being called now to perform the work of the kingdom on earth to change lives. A women who is truly the  wine skin walking as the remnant who the father has called to invade the strong man in the spear of influence. A warrior who knows how to intercede for the heart of the people.


I have worked with the youth for a few years as a sciotherpist, and what I saw and experienced through another person's eye's could only urge me to keep ministering and praying that Christ will be the center of their lives. She is mandated child abuse reporter for New York State. Crises intervention counselor. 

My personal experience of domestic abuse in a marriage, pushed me to be delivered so God could redeem my life. No more pain from the past, just God's power to prosper through a renewed mind. Broken I was but now I'm whole.

I have been called and chosen to take his ministry into territory's- as an advocate for domestic & stop the violence.  I'm a mouth piece for the poor, brokenhearted, widowers.  I preach from the Pulpit to the platform in honor & integrity with a faith & love Walk in God.

Author of memoir: 


 Virtuous Women I'm all that and more holla back ok, I will tone it down praise him!

online retailers -Amazon, etc & Alpha & Omega - locations  in Rochester N.Y

Melissa Dotson

 Motivational Speaker, Flight Attendant, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Author, Activist domestic abuse & non violence,Toy Inventor, Jewelry Designer. 

CEO/founder of Poe-Rap-Tic® jewelry brand.


 National spokes women for:


Deavoghn Hernandez-Ruffin Foundatio

n Operation save a life


September 25,2012 is the national day to remember family and children of murder victims.

Elvis Hernandez Founder/ can be contacted on facebook.Please we are in need of donations.




                                              stop the Violence

Click here to hear a snippet of the single 'Stop the Violence' 

You can view the stop the violence video on this site, click tab for videos.


 all sales are donated to a memorial scholarship for free hair cuts for kids. Cut's for violence was Co-founded in Rochester NY by my brother. He loved to give the youth free hair cut's.

 In memory of my brother Vincent Calvin Lee Dash Dotson

  Mc Dot A Roc ( Vincent Dotson ) who was murder on Dec 27, 08 at his place of business at Vinney Barber Shop in Rochester NY. 

Mc Dot A Roc and Spank G where mention on 50 cents mix tape

 (what you say about me) mercy & fear.   Do not judge me by this, I supported him then and will now.  My spirit is only about gospel music.   My brother gave his life over to God. 

Where to by my brothers music & my stop the violence to fund the free hair cuts is at-     http://members.webs.com/