Melissa A. Dotson believes she is sent by God into Ghana for Ghana. She operates in her full mandate with love, honor and integrity for humanity. She is here to assist those who cannot assist themselves. She loves to help others. She is excited to be able to honor God with this Global mission of Entrepreneurship and Outreach.

Melissa often says, “what good is it to be well in this world without giving”? “Giving is the completeness to change anything, by using the gifts God has blessed you with.” If you don't know what those gifts are Melissa and Heaven Flight can help you. She is here to help you awaken them by edifying you to take flight. Heaven Flight helps people to take flight! Everybody can take flight. Even those who feel left behind. Melissa A. Dotson and Heaven Flight’s purpose is reach those who feel left behind. The least of them. The Heaven Flight Outreach work is all about spreading the gospel with a focus on the lost, widows and orphans. God has said, “Those who are last shall be first.” At the end of the day Melissa wants everything and everyone to be able to take flight. Heaven Flight is all about edifying others to take flight. It’s Time for You To Take Flight!

Melissa A. Dotson,

Founder of Heaven Flight

Melissa A. Dotson, Founder

Melissa A. Dotson hails from New York City, New York where she was born and raised. Melissa is an Author, Speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Flight Attendant. She is also the Founder of Heaven Flight. A Woman called by God to the Nations to help edify people to take flight. Heaven Flight’s Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Program is located in Accra, Ghana. She is committed to helping people become self-sustainable with her Entrepreneurship and Outreach programs.

Melissa believes no organization should just ask for donations solely to sustain themselves in any global economy. They need to be self-sustainable. Therefore, she created this platform after seeing many ministries that do not help people with skills outside of their church buildings, communities or organizations. With her programs, she will teach and train people how to become self-sustainable in any global economy by providing sustainable employment opportunities for people in need. Gifted with creative inventions and witty ideas Melissa is committed to helping people change their lives one product at a time.

With her Global Entrepreneurship Program, Outreach Services and product development she plans on doing this in Ghana Africa. She has often said, “she would have sold her ideas for 1 cent if it would change the lives of others”. However, she is not selling, yet gifting ideas, skills, products and services to people in need. With a diversified and multi-dimensional background, she is surely changing lives.

Her background’s diversity includes being gifted with a creative and an inventive spirit. Her early days are reminiscent of learning how to sew early in her life. Her mother Barbara Dash who was a tailor, provided her with her first sewing machine at the age of 9. From there she has been self-taught in everything especially by the Holy Spirit. Her talent and experience allowed her to knit & crochet handmade sweaters and coats. A gifted Seamstress in clothes, custom curtains and bedding. She is also a jewelry designer of a Brand called Poe-Rap-Tic who has jewelry prototypes in hand. In addition, she is a Toy Inventor who is looking forward to launching and marketing her toy products soon.

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