Other Products and Entrepreneurship Programs

Heaven Flight will also provide other products like T-shirts from our T-shirt collection. They will be printed in Ghana and available at the Heaven Flight business location and through market vendors to expand our entrepreneurship by giving employment to market vendors like Gloria at the Madina Market.  WOW! We are living, gifting and giving. Melissa A. Dotson is also working on inventing other products as to not rely solely on sponsorship or donations. 

You can find our T-shirts HERE>>>Heaven Flight Apparel

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Entrepreneurship Programs

One of our core services is providing Entrepreneurship Programs for people who are and who wish to become Entrepreneurs. We believe in teaching people how to become self-sufficient so they can take care of themselves and their families. Global Entrepreneurship keeps everybody working by providing opportunities for many people to become involved on a global scale and even across this Nation.

Heaven Flight will provide Entrepreneurship Workshops for all its clients.  Our workshops will be facilitated by Founder Melissa A. Dotson and her team as the organization deems appropriate.

Why our Entrepreneurship Program and Workshops are needed

Most of the street stores are set up on dirt roads in Accra Ghana. Most people who rent or own the stores have a lack of understanding due to cultural and lack of business economics. Because of labor regulations and the low wages Entrepreneurship is a solution for many families.

We can help a lot of people to learn proper business protocols and to learn how to run businesses more efficient and effectively. This is where our Entrepreneurship Workshop comes in.

The Heaven Flight Entrepreneurship Workshop

The main objective of the workshop is to provide information on how start, build and grow a businesses as an Entrepreneurs and to learn proper business protocol. In this workshop curriculum clients will learn the following; however, the list is not limited to what we have listed below. There are other parts to this Business and Entrepreneurship curriculum.

  • Starting a Business in Ghana
  • Proper Business Ethics and Protocol
  • Creating and Selling Products
  • Buying and Selling Goods and Services
  • Product Line Production
  • Supply Chain Regulations
  • Proper Food Protocols (as many sell foods in markets)
  • Proper Financial Record Keeping
  • Credit and Finances
  • Borrowing Protocols
  • Savings and Reserve Protocols
  • Safety Regulations

The acceptance for this program and workshop are regulated by Heaven Flight and the Founder, Melissa A. Dotson. You may contact the organization for more detailed information, a list of things for qualification and the rules of acceptance for the program.

In addition to our Entrepreneurship Workshop we plan to partner with other Organizations, Companies and Foundations for our Entrepreneurship Programs. If organizations wish to hire us in Ghana to create products and services we will be able to do so from idea to conception.

Here’s How The Global Entrepreneurship Program Works

Heaven Flight will gift (give) the client an idea or concept for Entrepreneurship.

Heaven Flight will help the client start, build or grow a business.

Heaven Flight will teach the clients a skill.

Heaven Flight will teach the client how to create a product or service that will provide employment and residual income.

  • This idea, skill, product or service will sustain the client by providing employment.
  • This idea, skill, product or service will provide an income for the client
  • This idea, skill, product or service will provide global trade opportunities.
  • This idea, skill, product or service will provide outsourcing opportunities which will also provide employment for others.

Global Entrepreneurship works because it teaches people how to fish and doesn’t just give them the fish. We give hand-ups not handouts so our clients can retain character, integrity and their dignity. We teach people from idea to concept how to help themselves and their families with what they already have.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed hum for a lifetime.
~Chinese Proverb

Let me show you how the pipeline works for this particular program.

1st level of Entrepreneurship - Heaven Flight will create a product for the organization.

In this case I came up with the idea for the product that the Foundation could use. Then I invested my own money to secure a handbag designer. With this handbag, our desire is to turn it into a lucrative Brand for the product designed by Melissa A. Dotson of Heaven Flight. So, Heaven Flight comes up with the ideas for the products and then we “gift” them away. We don’t like to say give. We don’t sell ideas for profit. Once the product is in cycle production we do collect a small percentage. This percentage is worked out into the business agreement with the Organization at hand.

2st level of Entrepreneurship – The Organization will sell the product for a profit and pay a percentage back into the program

In this case this product (the handbag) will allow the Foundation to sell their branded product to potential customers.  The bag will have the name of Melissa A. Dotson with a Heaven Flight tag inside the bag and the Autoimmune Foundation’s logo on the outside of the bag. Heaven Flight made the initial investment for 6 handbags and a percentage of whatever the Foundation sells goes back into our Entrepreneurship and/ or Outreach programs. (handbag designer pictured here is Gloria from Accra Ghana Family Clothing)

3rd level of Entrepreneurship - Heaven Flight will create long term relationships and partnerships with its products and services.

In this case any additional handbags that are purchased for further inventory the Foundation will still have to pay a percentage to Heaven Flight as they are still using the Heaven Flight and Melissa A. Dotson name as part of their branding. This is because H.F. and M.D. have registered the name, branded the product and made the initial investment. This is how it will work with other participating organizations as well.

This process of Heaven Flight having the products branded with the Heaven Flight name, providing the ideas and concepts and even making initial investments ensures the organization, foundation or company that we are fully invested. It helps them to understand that we committed to the process and we are making a good faith agreement by making the first initial investment. We make them feel more comfortable about partnering with us in longer term financial relationships.