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What's on your mind instead of what's in your spirit

Posted by Melissa on February 15, 2014 at 12:35 AM

Facebook has in their status what's on your mind?


It should ask what's in your spirit?


Father if you could shake the pages on Facebook right before your people's eyes. Even let living water flow off the pages some people would jump and not waver in doubt. Nor would they speak unbelief out of their mouth.


I'm crying out for what is in my spirit that blinders come off and the death made to hear.


I was talking with a friend. I told her when the people speak you have to deal with a situation. Why do you have to deal with anything.


I told her you don't have to, you destroy it. Know one is going to give me anything again in life to deal with.


No job, no money, no husband, no future, no medical insurance no heat, no favor, no you not going to make it.


Point is just that. Who said I have to deal with life. Life has to deal with me!!! Deal with me destroying ever lie it ever said.


The devil can speak see his evil works happen in those who believe his lie.

When you deal with what you don't want to destroy than you have allowed the devil to say -




Well he is eating it he is destroying it by every word you speak. Every word you think he just took your unbelief, your negative words, your desires and cause you to sabotage your life situations.


I want the father to shake Facebook that I'm decree his word to be establish.


The devil hates promoters, but he loves defeaters with no faith.

If you have to live life saying I have a situation got to deal with it than he is more than happy to keep you under his feet.


Now cut off that tongue of death and speak life. Say I have no situation. I have the promises of him. You do not have to accept what the world , what the devil said you have to deal with.


It is time that you know victory was and is yours if you are praying to the father. If you are in alignment of his will.


Stand no more for the can't the No

End of the line, and the last to finish.


May he give you the power to change your every word, change every thought to set you free from captivity.


Blessings my people


Shabbat shalom

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