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Women's Global Entrepreneurship Program

Heaven Flight came up with an idea for a product that Oyemam Foundation could use. They make the first initial investment with their own money to secure a handbag designer and six custom handbags. With this handbag, our desire is to turn it into a lucrative Brand for the product designed by Melissa A. Dotson of Heaven Flight. So, Heaven Flight comes up with the ideas for the products and then we “gift” them away. We don’t like to say give. We don’t sell ideas for profit. Once the product is in cycle production we do collect a small percentage and the rest goes to the Foundation. This project can help create a sustainable income for the Foundation as well as provide jobs for unemployed clients cannot work because of illness.

Heaven Flight is impacting the Nation with Global Entrepreneurship

  • Providing employment opportunities for our clients
  • Providing ways of receiving income for our clients
  • Providing skills and trade opportunities
  • Providing outsourcing opportunities
  • Helping the community by investing into it with products and services
  • Helping families to sustain themselves long term
  • Encouraging healthy community relationships and partnerships

Melissa Dotson

Author, Speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Flight Attendant


Founded: 2008

Founder/President: Melissa A. Dotson


Areas of expertise: Leadership, Inventing, Product/Service Consulting, Missions, Outreach, Philanthrophy.

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Heaven Flight

Millions of people suffer and die because of autoimmune diseases every year because they don’t have one of the most basic necessities freely available to them.....medicines. Help us change that.


A few months ago, when I first started coming to Ghana I met a woman on a plane. I am a flight attendant and on a connecting flight I met Sweetness Danso the Executive Director of the Oyemam Autoimmune Foundation in Accra, Ghana. We had an instant connection and built a working relationship almost immediately. I am working with the Foundation in a Women's Global Entrepreneurship Program where we are designing a handbag Brand and Product to sell so the Foundation can employ people who have lost their jobs due to lupus and other diseases.