December 2016
Gloria started sewing a hand bag design for Heaven Flight.

It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do as the services we provide to people in need. This list details a few of our recent programs and services. Click more to get the entire list in detail.

We met Naomi and began to know about her situation in December 2016, since then we could not stop thinking about her. We made it our business to change her situation and many who are like her in Accra, Ghana. Naomi will be part of our Outreach to get her into better living conditions.



Oyarifa Ghana

December 2016

Naomi started receiving services and resources.

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​December 2016
We visited Oyemam Autoimmune Foundation.


  • Entrepreneurship Workshops
  • Gifting for Entrepreneurs to purchase building containers for small businesses
  • Outreach Services for women involved in prostitution and sex trafficking
  • Prayer and Counseling
  • Food Pantry 


The Lives We Impact


Our Mission

​The Mission of Heaven Flight is to provide Entrepreneurship and Outreach services through our Business and Ministry to people in need. Heaven Flight desires to change the lives of individuals living in poverty by helping to provide business ownership and housing resources.

Heaven Flight’s Outreach Program helps free women who are involved in prostitution, sex trafficking and/or who are homeless to achieve entrepreneurship. 

Gloria is a client and will be selling our Heaven Flight T-shirts, with no investment on her part. She will be given a percentage of the proceeds that she makes to assist her. Gloria currently is a market vendor at the Madina Market in Accra, Ghana



Madina Market

Heaven Flight